Saturday, 18 October 2014

Decorating with pumpkins

While it is true some people are carving the image of Harry Potter onto their Halloween pumpkins this year, as evidenced on the web, others may have a subtler more sophisticated approach to decorating.  This simple craft project originated with Martha Stewart.
Sparkle pumpkins
According to Ms. Stewart transforming a pumpkin into a sophisticated art object is simple.  All it requires is the pumpkin, white glue that dries transparently, paper to line the surface of the counter or table space on which you will be working, sparkles, acrylic paint, and iridescent paint, and if you are doing this with kids, aprons.  The paper will catch the excess sparkles so you can reuse the sparkles.

Pick up the pumpkin, and not by the stem!
Apply glue to one side of the pumpkin.  If the glue is too thick add water to the glue.
Apply the sparkles on the side of the pumpkin with the glue.
Once done, leave the coated pumpkin dry.
Once dried, follow the same steps to complete the second half of the pumpkin.
Once the whole pumpkin is dried, you can now paint the stem using a combination of acrylic paint and iridescent paint, so the stem will shine.
By the way, we’d love to see your final results. So please be sure to share your photos with us.

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